MOJIX STAR Wide-Area RFID System Prevents Losses, Reduces Operational Risk and Automates Supply Chains

Operating an oil rig and the complex supply chain that supports it requires the tracking of thousand of assets — and the lack of even one of them could stop production. Now, the risk of personnel safety, losing a critical asset or having to waste time tracking one down can be virtually eliminated with an advanced passive realtime location system (pRTLS) from Mojix.

In addition to tracking critical assets, Mojix pRTLS contributes to supply chain effi ciency, safety, operational risk management and regulatory compliance. Basically, one Mojix infrastructure will provide for multiple business application use cases.

This is all made possible by paradigm shifting advances in RFID technology uniquely available from Mojix.

Game Changing Technology

The basis of Mojix technology is digital signal processing that was originally developed for tracking distant objects such as spacecraft in deep space. Because of its ability to detect weak signals with over 99 percent accuracy, the Mojix system has no need for expensive, battery-powered active RFID tags. Instead, it can read and locate passive RFID EPCGen2 tags with a vastly extended range.

Passive tags have two major advantages over active. The fi rst is low cost — roughly one to fi ve percent of an active tag — therefore tags can be applied appropriately to all asset classes. Second, no batteries are needed to operate these sensors and are intrinsically safe, which means they can be used in any environment, including oil platforms and refi neries. Today, passive RFID technology is available for containers, pipes, tools, cases, pallets and wide array of asset classes supplied by more than 100 vendors across the globe based on a common international standard, referred to as EPCGen2/ GS1.

Business Value

Managing rental equipment on an oil rig is one example of the business value of lowcost tags that can go anywhere. In this application, tags attached to rental items are read and identifi ed by a Mojix system at the moment they enter a port or staging area, and again at the moment they return from service. The system alerts the renter via email that the asset is no longer in service, ensuring that the renter will be appropriately charged and the asset won't get lost in a yard and run up extra rental fees.

Mojix pRTLS can bring signifi cant new effi ciencies, risk mitigation and cost saving to the entire supply chain that supports an offshore platform. It's common for assets, supplies and even pipes or drill bits for a pipe string to get lost or misplaced. Every time such a loss occurs, some process is delayed. There are dozens of examples where one valuable asset — or team of employees — must sit idle because some other necessary asset is missing. That costs money and directly impacts a company's P&L. With Mojix pRTLS, the incidence of lost items is dramatically reduced. Mojix pRTLS also reduces the number of human touch points where cargo must be manually checked against bills of lading. Both these effi ciency improvements have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Safety and operational risk management Mojix pRTLS can improve safety by eliminating processes where there's potential for an accident or injury. When tracking personnel wearing ID cards with embedded passive RFID, widely available today, coupled with Mojix pRTLS, it becomes possible to know where each personnel is located at anytime. This can mean the difference between life-and-death in case of an accident so the fi rst responders can direct their effort to helping the injured as quickly as possible. In asset tracking, as an example, Mojix pRTLS can read passive RFID tags on pipes from a distance, so there's no need for workers to manually unrack and examine those pipes to verify their identity. Mojix pRTLS can also ensure that personnel are wearing appropriate gear when they're at work by reading RFID tags on helmets, safety vests and the like.

The Bottom Line

Tracking assets, visibility across the supply chain at "alltime", making your supply chain more effi cient or improving safety and security in real time isn't merely a "nicetohave" capability. It provides operational benefi ts and substantial cost savings on a daily basis to your business.

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