Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers and Warehouses are replacing manual handheld point-and read labor-intensive RFID systems with RFID systems that continuously and automatically track RFID-tagged pallets, cases, cartons and individual items throughout the facility resulting in leaner inventories, reduced shipping errors, increased automation, labor productivity gains, and greater ROI.

Mojix's revolutionary STAR system replaces traditional hand-held and portal RFID systems with a real-time and hands-free location system using EPC Gen 2 passive tags. The Mojix STAR system offers the advantages of active tag technology with the economics of passive tags.

A Mojix STAR System offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced labor costs and improved productivity of labor force
    Primary warehouse worker functions can be reduced with RFID from inventory and pick/pack/ship to put away.

  • Reduced Cost of Shipping Errors
    Real-time visibility of the staging area pinpoints early any shipment that is staged for the wrong door and truck.

  • Increased inventory accuracy and stock replenishment
    Improve receiving efficiency and accuracy; increase picking and ordering accuracy.

  • Reduced inventory stock levels
    Improve stock and demand generation visibility.

  • Reduced old and out-of-stock items
    Leaner and lower levels of inventory mean faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock.

  • Improved customer satisfaction
    Ensure the right goods reach the right customer at the right time.

The Mojix difference: hands-free, wall-to-wall visibility with passive tags

Mojix solved what conventional legacy RFID readers failed to deliver. Mojix can provide accurate dock-door discrimination as well as staging discrimination in front of the dock doors. This is enabled by the advanced signal processing methods used in the STAR system coupled with smart antenna technology embedded in the radio system. Today, Mojix has a global customer footprint with warehouses and DCs ranging in size from 10K-500K square feet areas covered by STAR system.

In legacy use of passive RFID tags business processes had been limited to some combination of handheld, forklift and portal RFID readers. These devices limit visibility of the business process to only where readers are present and require human intervention to place the RF-energy to read tags, with no control on the emission pattern of the radiating antenna embedded in the reader. The Mojix STAR solution provides "wall-to-wall" visibility of each tagged asset in the warehouse and distribution centers. This capability avoids incurring any labor cost and eliminating human errors in the visibility of the process chain from the ingress of the tag asset into and to egress of tag out of the business process, to any desired level of visibility. With portal readers, visibility is limited to dock door areas and when extended to staging areas, traditionally a secondary appliance is employed to sound each reader and attempt to discern the location of the asset based on signal power. The STAR system not only eliminates the need for ANY additional appliance, it provides an accurate estimation of the location of the tag again the DC, including shelving, isle ways, staging areas and dock door, with asymptotically error free performance for discrimination of moving tags through or into each dock door.

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