Mojix STAR – At work across RFID markets

EPC Gen 2-compliant, a Mojix STAR system will co-exist with existing RFID deployments, over-laying them and literally going where conventional passive RFID implementations can't. Or it can be completely standalone. Either way, the STAR system brings unprecedented value to all RFID markets, opens the door to entirely new applications across multiple industries.

Industries and applications

  • Retail and consumer package goods – driving real-time inventory tracking, replenishment, shrinkage control, promotions effectiveness, consumer privacy, and self-check applications.

  • DoD supply chain – supply chain optimization

  • Transportation – enabling real-time shipment tracking, shipment security, asset tracking, virtual fencing, and increased operational efficiency.

  • Manufacturing – overcoming the challenges of brand authentication, supply and demand chain optimization, verifiable delivery, and security.

  • Life Sciences – enabling item level tracking on a massive scale, product safety, consumer privacy, and patient security.

  • Media & Entertainment – combating counterfeiting

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