Mojix STAR Use Cases

The Mojix STAR system addresses all use cases currently addressed by conventional passive RFID systems, but with greatly enhanced functionality, cost-effectiveness and scalability. It also enables organizations to leverage RFID for use cases that were previously uneconomical or technically infeasible.

  • Retail image of shirtsRetail – Stores can now locate products that have "migrated" from store back room to retail floor, from designated shelves, displays and departments. Shrinkage can be curtailed while items are still in-store with real-time monitoring of goods moving on the retail floor. And the exact location of items can be determined to optimize replenishment, returns and ordering of inventory.

  • shipping dock with containersShipping Docks, Dock Doors – Complete real-time visibility is provided not only into items passing through doors, but also into items staged near doors and passing by docks. Normal dock operations are supported, as well as exceptions, and the solution scales cost-effectively across all doors in a facility.

  • new cars in a parking lotYard Management – Assets are immediately located and tracked for accurate inventory, loss prevention and more efficient operations across yards, lots, wharves and other outdoor areas. This leads to increased yard throughput, faster dock door turns, improved productivity, enhanced outbound carrier selection, and elimination of unauthorized checkouts.

  • aircraft manufacturing imageManufacturing – Manufacturers can better manage WIP (work in progress), increase product velocity, reduce inventory and achieve a more predictable flow on manufacturing lines through enhanced exception handling and real-time visibility into build status, resource utilization and misplaced materials and tools.

  • Mobile AssetMobile Asset Tracking – Movable enterprise assets can be tracked and managed across entire campuses for improved asset utilization, more efficient operations, and better preventative maintenance.

  • apple crates in a warehouseFast Moving Goods Tracking – Perishable goods and food can be tracked and managed through each step of the distribution process within a complete warehouse with visibility from entry to exit of the facility.

  • assembly line in a factoryFactory Workflow Automation – Work flow automation of processes such as receiving, assembly and sorting systems from unassembled goods to finished products, can be tracked, providing full real-time visibility to various stages in the process,optimizing the work flow on the factory floor, as well as management and decision making.

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