Mojix STAR Receiver

With the ability to detect extremely faint signals and freed from line-of-sight read restrictions, the STAR receiver works in concert with its satellite Mojix eNodes to support one or many business processes across the system's entire coverage area.

A STAR receiver functions as a single point, phased array reader/receiver utilizing adaptive beam forming and steering, and managing up to 512 Mojix eNodes. It detects installed Mojix eNodes and self-configures accordingly, and is used to schedule interrogation zones. The STAR receiver controls the operation of eNodes, reads tag data, and communicates with the Master Controller. It can be configured to operate across the entire UHF frequency band (868-MHz to 928 MHz).

STAR Master Controller

The Master Controller provides a single point for data collection, communication with corporate business processes, and command and control of a Mojix STAR system. The Master Controller schedules resources, directs the Mojix STAR system to activate eNodes, processes tag information, and serves as the integration point between a STAR system and enterprise applications. The Master Controller also hosts applications that leverage the powerful Mojix STAR system to deliver new capabilities, and maintains statistics of successful reads in each interrogation space of the system. It uses these statistics and a proprietary set of optimization algorithms to adapt digital radio parameters for individual interrogation spaces to optimize system performance.

A powerful application programming interface on the Master Controller allows for complete system control, monitoring, and real time data. A local database residing on the Master Controller collecting all reads all the time insures that network interruptions or system errors at the middleware or enterprise software layers will not affect data collection.

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