Mojix eNodes: Flexible Solutions for RFID Coverage

Mojix eNodes

The Mojix STAR system uses Mojix eNode transmitters to define its three dimension coverage area and individual interrogation spaces. Up to 512 fixed, wireless or handheld Mojix eNodes are supported by a single Mojix STAR system. Operating within FCC-approved power limits, a Mojix eNode excites all passive RFID tags within its designated interrogation space, with a typical excite range of 30 feet and an excitation area of 2,500 sq. feet.

Mojix eNodes are deployed as needed to shape discrete, overlapping or contiguous interrogation spaces. Each individually controlled interrogation space is created by the deployment of single or multiple Mojix eNodes and is dynamically sized by the Mojix STAR system, which controls each node's power output. Mojix eNodes can also be deployed to create virtual fences for securing tagged items, and all are sensor-ready so their operation can be triggered based on activity in an interrogation space.

Mojix eNodes for all location types and use cases

Wired or wireless, fixed mounted or mobile mounted, indoor or outdoor,Mojix offers a full line of Mojix eNodes to cover any type of location and any use case:


Multiple port eNodes for flexible, economic interrogation

Multiple port eNodes bring new levels of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability to a wide range of use cases. Wired or wireless, a multiple port eNode possess between one and four external antennas (available in a variety of types) that can be positioned in a variety of ways to precisely fit particular application needs. As a result, equipment, deployment, maintenance and IT infrastructure costs are substantially reduced, while comprehensive, accurate reads of large tag populations are ensured.

Wired eNodes for fixed interrogation

Wired Mojix eNodes are designed for fixed location deployment, both within structures and in outside yards. They are connected directly to a Mojix STAR system via coaxial cable through which they receive power (no power drops need be installed), baseband RF signals and control commands, and return sensor data.

Wireless eNodes for mobile interrogation

Wireless Mojix eNodes are designed for where local power is preferable to coaxial power delivery. Hence they bring the utility of the Mojix STAR system to mobile (carts, forklifts, etc.), fixed mounted and handheld use cases, and are perfect many outdoor use cases. These ruggedized units have a variety of power options including battery, solar cell, automotive battery and DC converter, and are controlled via a wireless backhaul channel to the Mojix STAR system.

Ubiquitous RFID coverage

As they are simple RF repeater circuits, all Mojix eNodes are low cost and easy to deploy. Hence they enable a Mojix STAR system to be implemented one interrogation space or business process at a time, and seamlessly scaled as tagging volumes increase or as the coverage area expands. As needs change, Mojix eNodes can be quickly and easily moved to create different interrogation spaces.

The operation of Mojix eNodes within a Mojix STAR system is fully autonomous, requiring no human intervention once they are placed in the desired location. Since they are controlled by the STAR system, installation and maintenance of eNodes requires no intensive configuration, no firmware upgrades, and no network configuration. Their operation can be triggered by predetermined schedules, sensor-based triggers, or interaction with middleware or other IT systems. The entire eNode family is designed to work in concert with a variety of sensors enabling the ability to gather data on the physical environment as well as RFID passive tag data. Each eNode includes 4 in and 4 out dry relay contacts for integration with a variety of sensors eliminating the need for a separate wireline overlay for a sensor network.

With wired eNodes connected via coaxial cable, Mojix eNodes receive power and communication from the STAR receiver directly and require no network or power drops to be installed. Adding additional Mojix eNodes is low cost and fast. Without the burden of eNodes needing to provide transmit, receive and system capabilities, they can be deployed as simple transmitters increasing visibility deeper into the enterprise at very low cost. With an external DB-9 port for sensors, Mojix eNodes can be triggered based on activity in the interrogation space to minimize radio traffic and optimize performance.

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