Mojix eLocation: Cost effective EPC RTLS

The Mojix solution provides functional and economic breakthroughs for real-time location estimation and tracking, overcoming the traditional performance and cost barriers for RTLS deployments. A software component of the revolutionary Mojix STAR™ system, the Mojix eLocation solution combines the superior economics of UHF passive RFID and the scalable data collection and advanced multi-dimensional signal processing of the STAR system. The Mojix eLocation solution can accurately locate EPC passive RFID tagged goods or assets in real time to within one meter, indoors or outdoors, for truly cost-effective real-time tracking of materials, goods, processes and assets.

Performance, Precision and Scalability

The ability of the Mojix eLocation solution to perform real-time precision tracking using low-cost standards based EPC Gen2 RFID tags eliminates the need for use of much more costly "active" tags, separate WiFi infrastructure and more costly proprietary systems to perform RTLS. Now a single system can be used to read tags and determine location. Businesses now have a cost effective solution to track high-value goods and other assets using EPC/ISO compliant Gen2 passive RFID tags which are widely available from a large number of suppliers worldwide. A Mojix implementation scales quickly and cost effectively across docks, yards, stores, warehouses and plants through the positioning of additional low-cost wired or wireless Mojix eNodes.

Yard Management

Mojix eLocation applications and use cases

  • Retail – Provide real-time monitoring of goods moving on the retail floor to control shrinkage, optimize replenishment and enhance efficiency.

  • Docks – Support normal dock operations as well as exceptions, with visibility into items moving through dock doors, staged near dock doors and even moving by dock doors.

  • Outdoors – Cover entire yards, lots and campuses to drive worker productivity, yard throughput, faster dock door turns and loss prevention.

  • Manufacturing – Enhance exception handling and leverage real-time visibility into build status, resource utilization and more in order to increase product velocity and better manage inventory.

  • Mobile asset tracking – Keep an eye on assets on the move across a facility or campus for more efficient operations, decreased equipment maintenance costs and improved business processes.

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