Mojix eGroup: Absolute RFID Tag Verification and Security

The STAR system Mojix eGroup feature solves the passive RFID impasse of verifying 100 percent of tags in a pallet of RF-challenged goods. In breaking through this major obstacle to RFID performance, Mojix eGroups enable true verifiability and electronic proof of delivery that can heighten levels of security and anti-counterfeiting.

A long standing challenge for passive RFID is failure to excite tags on RF-challenged goods and and therefore the inability to read those tags. This can be due to tag failure, tag de-tuning from metallic package of the goods, or obstruction of the tag by other objects.

A Mojix eGroup is essentially an electronic inventory or manifest of a targeted population of tags. An eGroup optionally can also provide a unique electronic signature. Tag data is compressed and distributed across all tags in a pallet to create a unique pallet code, verifying the collective tags upon reading, determining their originating source, and protecting against duplication and intrusion. Because the code is embedded in the RFID tag memory, the code remains with the pallet and the pallet's inventory information is available in real time, without necessitating communications with a backend database or software system. In addition to verifying and protecting tagged items on a pallet, Mojix eGroup is applicable to virtually any arbitrary shaped three dimensional population of goods, container or space including shelves and display cases.

Mojix eGroups

How eGroup Works

Mojix eGroup utilizes a methodology called "combined source and channel coding" Initially, source coding is used to compress tag data and then channel coding is used to apply redundancy to that data. Finally, this 'source and channel coding' data is distributed in a uniform fashion among all the population of tags in the three dimensional space using Mojix's proprietary coding scheme. The result is a single pallet code known as a Mojix eGroup.

When a population of tags is read back, the sequences are reconstructed like a jigsaw puzzle in a three dimensional cube to reveal which tags were not read. In addition to verifying all the tags, since the tags can be encoded to be unique to each pallet, the pallet can now be protected against duplication or intrusion.

Mojix eGroup opens a new set of features that address many fundamental challenges for managing RFID tag data. Mojix eGroup can verify all the tags in the pallet, and then provide the capability to secure the items tagged. The same process can also be applied to secure a population of tagged items on a shelf or a display case with a group of items.

Simply stated, the Mojix eGroup is an electronic manifest and/or inventory of a target population of tags. This critical business data is instantly available without the assistance of a back-end database and always travels with the target population of tags.

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