Mojix Delivers Next Generation STAR System with World's Longest-Range Passive Tracking Capabilities

  • Mojix STAR 3000 Offers Real-time Visibility into an Organization's Supply Chain
  • New Smart Phone Component Offers Unprecedented RFID Mobility
  • Ideal Touchless RFID Solution for the Retail, Logistics, Oil/Gas, Industrial Manufacturing and Warehousing Markets

LOS ANGELES − June 5, 2012 − Mojix® Inc., the leading technology provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities, today announced the general availability of the Mojix STAR 3000 System. The enhanced STAR (Space Time Array Receiver) 3000 empowers enterprises by providing the benefits of active RFID performance with passive RFID economics. The STAR system architecture is based on leading edge digital radio design and developments, which were originally developed for deep space communication exploration, now reformulated and re-casted by Mojix's team for commercial wireless communication applications. The Mojix STAR 3000 is the only wide-area, passive RFID reader delivering wall-to-wall ubiquitous tag visibility.

The STAR product family is designed for scalable visibility across the enterprise-wide supply chain; providing significant impact on an organization's operational efficiency and bottom-line profit and loss. The Mojix STAR 3000 is the only system capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large areas with coverage in excess of 200,000 square feet and can read and locate an RFID tag at up to 600 feet, utilizing a single STAR System. Unlike conventional RFID systems, the STAR 3000 system employs advanced digital signal processor (DSP) techniques, processing the RFID signal in multiple dimensions, namely polarization and space, in addition to the time and frequency dimensions used by legacy RFID systems.

"Technology innovation has been the cornerstone of Mojix since our inception and we are continuously unlocking new capabilities for our customers. Our products address the market needs across multiple verticals for tracking and tracing of tagged assets with passive RFID sensors," said Ramin Sadr, CEO and founder of Mojix. "Our unique system architecture opens the door to enterprise users to apply passive real-time location systems in both indoor and outdoor environments across different business processes, typically beginning with high value items across the supply chain and eventually using the same infrastructure to provide worker safety, security and risk mitigation. Delivering unparalleled benefits and cost savings, STAR 3000 is the latest release from our STAR product family."

In conjunction with the STAR 3000, Mojix is offering mobile client software on smart phones for standalone reader functionality integrated with the STAR system solution. This new capability enables users to locate individual small-tagged items from the convenience of their smart phone.

New STAR 3000 features and functionality include:

  • Superior range, read rate, reliability and overall tag read and location estimation performance − more than any other RFID reader infrastructure
  • Single data collection point that supports both cabled and wireless eNode devices both indoors and outdoors, minimizing the total cost of ownership to deploy RFID infrastructure
  • Cost effective eNodes with the capability of driving up to 16 different read points for each device, supporting more than 65,500 read points from a single STAR 3000 system
  • Master Controller (MCON) collects, processes and manages raw RFID data from multiple STAR systems supporting the EPCglobal Standard Application Layer Events (ALE) interface to seamlessly integrate with the industry's leading ERP systems, and can now run virtually with VMware for datacenter or RFID applications requiring a "cloud-hosted" solution managing the supply chain from source to destination.

"Mojix's STAR 3000 product has been designed as a platform-based RFID solution with enterprise-wide business use cases in mind," said Michael Liard, director of AutoID at VDC Research Group. "Spanning many verticals from industrial applications to oil and gas to consumer product goods and services, the STAR system is positioned to meet user requirements for realizing optimized performance, efficiency gains and low total cost of ownership (TCO) with a typical pay back period of less than one year from their original STAR system investment."

The Mojix STAR system delivers these advances and more to define a new universe of capabilities for passive RFID deployments. The technologies behind the Mojix STAR system include innovations in iterative signal processing, space-time array techniques, smart antennas, digital beam forming and digital packet radio breakthroughs. These technologies enable the system to detect very faint signals across vast distances in extremely noisy radio frequency environments to give the system its unprecedented indoor receiver sensitivity, accuracy and range.

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Mojix is the leading technology provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities enabling organizations to have ubiquitous visibility of any object, item, case, product or asset in their supply chain. Providing the only wide-area passive RFID reader on the market, Mojix locates tags across large physical areas to significantly improve an organization's ability to manage its production and logistical processes at a lower TCO. Unlike conventional passive RFID systems that are limited in coverage area, read range or active RFID systems that require costly battery-operated sensors, Mojix offers the best of both worlds: active RFID capabilities at passive RFID economics.

The Mojix STAR (Space Time Array Reader) system moves beyond conventional passive RFID offerings to enable economical, large-scale and high-volume RFID deployment. Founded in 2004 by former JPL/NASA scientists, Mojix is an international, privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit

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