The Opportunity: A New Era for RFID

RFID holds the promise to revolutionize supply chain management and asset tracking. But as organizations look to more economically deploy RFID, engage in high-density item level tagging, and leverage ubiquitous RFID coverage across the supply chain, conventional RFID reader technology is coming up against serious technical and economic barriers. Conventional passive RFID systems are limited in coverage area and read range, lack 100% read reliability and accuracy, are restricted to line-of-sight reads, and require an entire system per interrogation area—all of which negatively impact scalability, manageability, total cost of ownership, and return-on-investment.

A breakthrough is required to overcome these limitations, effectively support today's and tomorrow's real-time business processes, and perfect the RFID vision for complete visibility of perpetually flowing supply chains. The Mojix STAR system delivers this breakthrough, eliminating the technical and financial barriers that have limited the effectiveness and uptake of conventional RFID systems.

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