Innovative Distributed Architecture

The Mojix system utilizes a unique distributed architecture that departs significantly from current RFID systems design to free passive RFID from the restraints of readers that have to both provide energy to and read tags. Conventional RFID systems integrate transmit and receive functions in a single reader device. As the FCC restricts the transmission power allowed to provide energy to tags, the read range of these devices is inherently limited as well. This traditional design methodology also results in scalability problems, is inefficient for deployments with multiple interrogation spaces, and results in redundant processing and duplicate expense for each interrogation space required by a business process.

In contrast, the Mojix STAR architecture decouples the transmit and receive functions to dramatically extend the read range and coverage area for a single read point. Thus, a Mojix STAR system consists of a single Mojix STAR receiver and potentially hundreds of satellite transmit devices, called Mojix eNodes. The Mojix eNodes define the system's multiple interrogation spaces and provide energy to the tags within them. The Mojix STAR receiver reads the resulting tag signals across the system's entire three-dimensional coverage area, whether the tags are in line-of-sight, or not. This results in:

  • A single read point supporting hundreds of individual interrogation spaces.

  • A single system scalable to cover an entire warehouse, retail complex, distribution center, transportation yard or other large contiguous space.

  • The elimination of redundant processing and duplicate expense for each interrogation space.

The Mojix STAR architecture enables a single Mojix STAR system to be deployed to manage a lone business process or multiple concurrent business processes, with a single point of signal processing and data collection, a single point of command and control, and a single interface with enterprise IT environments.

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