Mojix RFID Systems

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Mojix was founded in 2004 by some of the world's foremost experts in advanced signal processing technology, perfected for deep space communications. The company's mission is to leverage this technology to create a new generation of game-changing RFID systems that realize the vast potential and expand the utility of RFID throughout supply chains and enterprises. In re-defining RFID, Mojix is enabling organizations to re-invent and derive new levels of value from their supply chain management systems.

Mojix History

Founded in 2004 by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists with expertise in deep space communications, Mojix, Inc. has its roots deep in the U.S. Space Program. Beginning in the 1980s, Mojix founder and CEO Dr. Ramin Sadr led the close-knit team in solving some of the toughest communications challenges concerning deep space probes-from creating the ground terminals for NASA's deep space network (DSN), which regularly tracks spacecrafts venturing inside or outside the solar system, to the all-digital receiver model for the present day receivers deployed by NASA. One of these challenging missions was salvaging telemetry data from the Galileo spacecraft mission from the ground when the craft's high gain antenna failed to deploy upon reaching Jupiter. Many in this core team continued to innovate with Dr. Sadr as he later started and led several successful high tech companies built around his inventions in telephony and wireless communications.

In 2001, Dr. Sadr began formulating the mathematics behind what would become the Mojix STAR system. The idea was to develop technology that would create value for large enterprises, and that would fuse the team's deep space communications expertise with concepts formulated decades ago by great visionaries in communications theory such as Shannon. The initial focus for Dr. Sadr's work was on software defined radios (SDR) based on new nonlinear digital signal processing techniques that tap spacetime. In 2002, Dr Sadr teamed up with Mr Tom Huseby, a seasoned executive and venture capitalist to incubate and calibrate Mojix's business plan. Together, Dr Sadr and Mr Huseby formulated the present business plan for Mojix Inc. This SDR technology enabled multiple breakthroughs for Mojix with a roadmap to offer the ultimate cognitive packet radio systems for sensory networks, as well as intelligence for signal sorting and analysis, all applied to the commercial RFID industry.

A Pivotal Moment for RFID

Mojix incorporated in August 2003. After spending two years developing Mojix's technology and business plan, Mojix received funding from InnoCal and Red Rock Ventures in September 2005, and started working towards a proof of concept with a team that grew to include 15 PhDs, each expert in their respective fields ranging from antenna, RF circuit, digital hardware and real time software to operating system design and implementation. Most team members had collaborated with Dr. Sadr in past ventures and all possessed vast experience building complex systems with industrial telecommunications grade performance. After initial funding, the team worked relentlessly to deliver the proof of concept for the Mojix STAR product in May 2006. Mojix subsequently demonstrated this early model to a leading consumer packaged goods company in October 2006, reading a population of RFID tags at a distance of 800 feet. This was a pivotal moment for the industry, the first time in history that a passive RFID tag was read at such a distance.

In early trials, customers were astounded at what they were seeing—passive RFID tags read from the extreme end of a warehouse. It was the commercial pay-off of work commenced by Dr. Sadr and his associates almost a decade before in detecting very weak signals from deep space probes across vast distances in the Milky Way. The ultimate solution for reading RFID tags—receiving signals with triple nine reliability over these distances—positioned Mojix to improve the state of art in RFID reader technology by an astonishing factor of x100,000 fold improvement in receiving capability.

Series B funding was completed in mid-2007 with lead investor Oak Investment Partners. In 2007, Mojix completed its senior management team with the addition of executives with years of experience in business development, marketing and sales in the RFID, telecommunications, wireless and consumer product goods sectors.

The Mojix STAR system debuted publicly at RFID JournalLIVE! in April 2008, following extensive customer field trials with Fortune 50 innovators in consumer packaged goods and retailing. The new product was voted "Best of Show" by the event attendees. A giant step for RFID, the Mojix STAR is the first step in a revolution in the way people and businesses will use sensors and RFID tags (pieces of wireless memory), dispersed spatially and across time to drive a host of previously unthinkable applications.